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  • Created playlists I maintain of music I adore.
    • for listeners, fans who love the same kind of music
  • Collaborative playlists
    • for listeners, fans to listen to  undiscovered bands.
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  • My own artist created playlist

My own artist created playlist

This playlist contains a mix of songs of my released albums.

Playlists of music and themes I adore

(Under construction)
Playlist: New Year’s Eve
A great collection of New Year songs. On New Year’s Eve we celebrate a new year beginning and close the old year. Known and unknown folk, pop, rock, singer-songwriter songs are on board.  Have fun and a happy new year!

Collaborative playlists

playlist Unsigned Artists Spotify Playlist
Owner and creator of playlist: Juxtamusic

Steps to follow to get on the list:

1. Follow playlist Unsigned Artists Spotify Playlist.
2. Add ONE of your tracks to it
3. Listen to some of the tracks on the playlist occasionally
4. Share the playlist on all your social media channels on a regular basis.


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To create great songs, not only a good melody and good lyrics are important. To have the right sound also requires the hiring of professional musicians to record the backingtrack and backingvocals. To finish a song with great quality the mix and master needs to be done brilliantly.

To keep making the best songs my way, I could real use your support! Every contribution will be used for this purpose only.

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