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The about page is up now!

I’m filling slowly the content of my musicsite.

I decided in September 2014 to do it different compared to previous years.  I wanted to make realy improvements.

I looked honestly to myself and came to the conclusion I need to improve on all aspects of creating a good song. I thought it’s now or never. I wanted to make a CD with songs of only good music and good lyrics. Less is not possible.

I knew I could do that just by myself, so I decided to improve my songwriting skills and singing skills right away by training and doing exercises. At other weak spots I made use of professional services that covered those spots.

When I listen now to some songs  that will be on my album, I think they sound pretty good. I didn’t expect this at all.

The mixes of songs get great feedbacks!

for example:
“Come to me was great other than a couple of lines rushed. Heart On Fire: Almost Ska. You might consider that in a future mix. Could be a genre hit. Beauty All Around: What a wonderful song. The combination of rhythms gives it an earthy yet ethereal feel.”

Three original songs mixes are online and can be heard at

This list includes Beauty All Around, Come to Me and Heart on Fire.

June 2015 my debut album will be released. Everything is on scedule!

More information in the coming days!


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