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5 songs are finished – predesign album frontcover


5 songs are ready and had there final mixing and mastering. They sound realy cool!

So still 7 to go. Right now to 5 of these songs backingvocals are recorded.

Good new! I can share with you the predesign of the frontcover of the album ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’. I hope you like it.



Also in one  of the following updates I can show you some videos of ‘Heart On Fire’ and ‘Beauty All Around’. I just need to put the right mix underneath the video.

That’s it for now!

All the best!



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Some nice reviews of the song ‘My Heart Is On Fire’


I want so share some reviews of the song ‘Heart On Fire’ with you from listeners to the whole track. 50 people reviewed the song and gave it a 7.1 out of 10.

“I felt like this song was great to listen to. I like the instrumentals in the song and the feeling that I got from this track. Cool song that has a nice sound and is professional. I felt that this song is modern and has a nice style and vibe. Really cool song that has potential. I think many people would find this song attractive and a pleasure to listen to. I felt happy when I heard this song and other listeners will as well.”

“This song has a good upbeat pop rock sound. The melody is very unique. I think this song sounds a million times better than the trash on the current American pop music charts. This song has great lyrics and makes me think of smart ideas. The melody has a classic pop sound. It seems like one of the greatest songs ever written. This song could easily replace any jive song on the current pop chart.”

I like the 90’s feel to this song. It really brings those years back. We need more beats like this on the radio nowadays to keep the music industry diverse! I think the vocals are very good. I like the higher harmony with it. The main vocalist has a higher set voice and I think it fits perfectly for the lyrics of the song. This song is very upbeat and spunky. The guitars are cool and give that tin retro sound that I think a lot of people would gravitate toward! The lyrics are fun, also. They’re unique and very cute. It’s real life stuff and I think people would want to hear this. It’s very catchy and the tune could get stuck in your head all day. The guitar solo is super cool, I like the effects on it, too. It’s really different than what’s “mainstream” right now and I think this song will easily be able to set itself apart from what’s out on the radio at this point in time. Good job!”



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Listen to a songmix of ‘These Are The Times’

The song ‘These Are The Times’ from the upcoming album ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’ I’ve  just made available for a pre-listen. You can find it here:

There you can pre-listen to some other songmixes from the album aswell.

‘These Are The Times’ is about struggle and reaching goals/ dreams.

Lyrics: ‘These Are The Times’

Standing still as time goes by
You’re chained to the ground
Love has gone and life is hard
In your own tears you drown
Felt like a king but faith left home
Just in dreams still crowned
Come on and get yourself together
You have goals that need to be found

These are the days
to start doing
These are the hours
to get moving
A minute is over
Seconds keep rolling
These are the times
So get going

It’s your time and it’s your life
Spread your wings and fly
It’s a change, take this chance
Straighten your back and fight
It’s your turn, hold the line
Keep your dreams and try
Yes, it’s your turn, roll the dice
Make a difference tonight

Keep looking ahead
And don’t look back
Don’t be distracted
Just stay on your track

Written by Martin Lucassen


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Finishing the debut album ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’ and crowdfunding

In June 2015 my debut album ‘The Night Tuns To Morning Light’ with 12 crafted songs will be released. I’m really excited about this.

I decided to do some crowdfunding to get some funds for finishing my album, getting good artwork, make physical CD’s and do some promotion. It would be awesome if you could support me! You could already buy my digital CD or hard copy CD.

More info:

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Discography – The Early Days I

The Early Days I

1 – I’m A Traveller
2 – A Beautiful Day
3 – Your Heart is Telling You
4 – Explore
5 – Home
6 – Tension
7 – The Girl Of My Dreams
8 – Love Me Right Now
9 – Footprints On My Heart
10 – Winter Is Coming

‘Acoustic melodic music. Strumming guitar and nature imagery. A lovely atmosphere is created.’
This digital CD ‘The Early Days I’ is just made available on the site.
The CD is a collection of songs I’ve recorded in the past 20 years.
I’m a traveller is a song I wrote on a trip to Norway, I was so impressed by the nature that I wanted to write a song about it.
One of the very first songs I wrote was ‘The Girl Of My Dreams’. I was sixteen and created my first lyrics and melody. ‘Tension’ is inspired by a book that I just could not put away. I just wanted to go to the next page and the next one, before I knew it, it was 3 o’clock in the morning.
In the song ‘Home’ you can hear the influences of the Beatles, my favorite band of all time.
Have fun with listening!☺


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The about page is up now!

I’m filling slowly the content of my musicsite.

I decided in September 2014 to do it different compared to previous years.  I wanted to make realy improvements.

I looked honestly to myself and came to the conclusion I need to improve on all aspects of creating a good song. I thought it’s now or never. I wanted to make a CD with songs of only good music and good lyrics. Less is not possible.

I knew I could do that just by myself, so I decided to improve my songwriting skills and singing skills right away by training and doing exercises. At other weak spots I made use of professional services that covered those spots.

When I listen now to some songs  that will be on my album, I think they sound pretty good. I didn’t expect this at all.

The mixes of songs get great feedbacks!

for example:
“Come to me was great other than a couple of lines rushed. Heart On Fire: Almost Ska. You might consider that in a future mix. Could be a genre hit. Beauty All Around: What a wonderful song. The combination of rhythms gives it an earthy yet ethereal feel.”

Three original songs mixes are online and can be heard at

This list includes Beauty All Around, Come to Me and Heart on Fire.

June 2015 my debut album will be released. Everything is on scedule!

More information in the coming days!


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Work in progress – website!


Welcome to my website. I’m just putting all together. I bought an awesome Worldpress theme ‘Dark Gritty Evolved’. There’s some work to do here.

Will be back soon!


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