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My Top 3 of ‘second thoughts’ from Split Enz.

The second album of Split Enz is called ‘Second thoughts’ (1976) and contains 9 tracks, some of them were reworked versions(4 songs). The album sound as good as there debut album.

“sweet dreams”
What a great original Innovative song! Lovely guitar strumming intro and outro and like the catchy chorus.

“The Woman Who Loves You”
I like the piano and melody in the song.
Awesome performance here, shown in this video.

“Late Last Night”
Excellent pop song!

What’s your most favourite song of second thoughts?

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My Top 3 of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ from the Beatles

Yeah, this third album’A Hard Day’s Night’ (1964) blows away the 2 previous released albums. You can here the genius of the songwriting of Paul and John. On this album they wrote all 13 songs.
It’s hard to pick my favourite songs, they are all good.

A Hard Day’s Night
The opening song of the Album is a brilliant uptempo rock song and the opening chord is magic. Also nice is the part (higher) Paul sings.

I Should Have Known Better
The harmonica, What a great start. Like songwriting of this singalong song.

Can’t Buy Me Love
What a good title, lyrics and rock and roll song.

What’s your most favourite song of A Hard Day’s Night?

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My Top 3 of ‘With the Beatles’ from the Beatles.

‘With the Beatles’ (1963) is the second album of the beatles and contains 8 original songs.
It has the same fibe as the previous recording ‘Please Please Me’

All my loving
A great piece of music! Good melody and lyrical flow. Love this pop/rock song.

Please Mister Postman
Like this coversong sung by Lennon. It just grabs me right from the start. It got a nice possitive fibe.

You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me
Another great singing performance from John Lennon and George Harrison in awesome harmony. They just sucks me in this sensitive cover song.

What’s your most favourite song of With the Beatles?

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Beauty All Around – 12th song of the album ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’ – Track review

Beauty All Around
It is suggested to listen to this track with headphones on to catch all the subtle details and various assortments of sound peppered around the panoramic distribution and frequency table. The contextual ambience of the moany drone chords setting the foundation of the song mixed in with elusive synthesizers work in a one-two punch fashion to fortify the final song on the album. “Beauty All Around the World” is a strong outro song to a mind-blowing album and gives it enough vitality that the listener is not upset when the album ends, but rather inspired.

12. Beauty All Around

I’ve got a beautiful view from the top of this hill
I see red and yellow tulips and a big old mill.
The sun shines and I’ve got that feeling of Spring.
Cows and sheep are ringing bells and birds begin to sing.
Everything’s so beautiful
I can’t believe it’s real
It’s been such a long time
since I felt the need to feel

What am I going to do without you
There is no time to do what I want to do
Beauty all around me brings a tear to my eye
I’d like to stop and smile
before I have to say goodbye

Red flowers mixed with green leaves, I’m amazed the way things grow
A nice breeze blowing through my hair, I’m not alone I know
couse when I close my eye and see your face right in front of me
this is such a fairy tail just where can it all lead
It’s been such a long time
since I felt the need to feel


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These are The Times – 11th song of the album ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’ – Track review

These are The Times
The slap back delay effects are prominent on this single for both widening the stereo image and bringing a distinct tail of feedback for a energizing effect. This almost has a surfer feel to the music with the wispy/flangelated guitar stabs that come in as the song progresses. The classic piano never deems to be an overused instrument. In “These are The Times” the piano chords are put in the configuration very nicely. The song has a great message about motivation to achieve your goals.

Standing still as time goes by
You’re chained to the ground
Love has gone and life is hard
In your own tears you drown
Felt like a king but faith left home
Just in dreams still crowned
Come on and get yourself together
You have goals that need to be found

These are the days
to start doing
These are the hours
to get moving
A minute is over
Seconds keep rolling
These are the times
So get going

It’s your time and it’s your life
Spread your wings and fly
It’s a change, take this chance
Straighten your back and fight
It’s your turn, hold the line
Keep your dreams and try
Yes, it’s your turn, roll the dice
Make a difference tonight

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How Will it Be – 10th song of the album ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’ – Track review

How Will it Be
The guitar layering in this song is phenomenal with mild distorted and reverb FX to make a great pristine electric guitar sound for the riffs in the beginning and elsewhere in the composition. The pentatonic arrangements of the guitar performance is amazing and links up with each strum of the acoustic playing held back from focus in the distance. The percussion in this song added an array of different shakers, tambourines, hi hats, cymbals etc. without overlapping their frequency range of the high end level or becoming too sibilant. These additional pieces of percussion bring about a distinct groove that can be transmuted to every area in the song.

The way you dance,
I never knew you had that gift
It’s so nice to see
your smooth graceful moves
This crazy side you show to me,
makes me happy
We’re back together, back together

How will it be
When we take our time
to learn to enjoy the things that really matter
How will it be

The look in your eyes
is so young, wild and free
My heart is charmed
by all the energy you radiate
I slowly start to thaw,
when you friendly smile at me
This love is so strong


We are going to make it if we stay positive
We’ll make it if we leave out bad blind emotions

Our lives together
is precious, so precious

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Happy Travelers – 9th song of the album ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’ – Track review

Happy Travelers
This single is a very Johnny Cash-esque elegance of guitar play with Beach Boys’ harmonic vocals brought into the mix. The backing female vocalist (Laurie) proves herself once again on this track as the perfect musical partner for Lucassen’s flair. The fluctuation of energy throughout the song creates an exciting experience for the listener that does not become too stagnate for the overall purpose and meaning for the entire track. Very subtle arpeggiated picking patterns are utilized in “Happy Travelers” to further emphasize the emblematic and creative distribution of sound.

9. Happy Traveler

A trip to Norway, we’re 7 voyagers on our way
Every hour, every mile, excitement makes us smile
Forests,falls and lakes, mooses, wolves and snakes
We eat Apple pie in coffeebreaks and swim in blue lakes

We’re happy travelers, who wanna see and explore
We’re cheerful travelers, who wanna feel and adore
Our gaze is bright and our feeling’s right
We’re joyful travelers, here we go, here we go

Oslo by night, we step into another life
Blue ice and snow, we hike with cheeks that glow
Under the Norwegain sun, wine, beer and fun
A song around the campfire, we feel so very young


Forever I want to roam around
Hold this sense of freedom and joy
It takes my feet off the ground
Reminds me of when I was a young boy


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My Top 3 of ‘mental notes’ from Split Enz

‘Mental notes’ (1975) is the debut album of Split Enz.
On this album the band is build around Phil Judd and Tim Finn. Both they wrote all songs.

Amy (Darling)
Great song! I like the way it’s sung, the music and the genius melodies.
Somehow this song reminds me of a song of the Wings sung by Danny Lane.

Love the melancholy and the great arrangements.
On this song you here the influence of the Beatles.

Walking Down a Road
progressive rock and how! Innovative melodies and instrumentals.

What’s your most favourite song of Mental notes?

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Do You Want Some Love – 8th song of the album ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’ – Track review

Do You Want Some Love
This is the first single on the album that introduces the accordion and third world plucking instruments. The tempo of this song is a little bit slower than the others but it provides a longer sustain of the musical notes to stretch out this time lapse. It almost sounds as if the listener is taken on a journey into a far away European country (next track is about travel) so this might very well be a segway into the next scene of this musical movie strip.

I want to know more about you
The things you say and the things you do
All the places where you go
All the things that you know

I love to see you laugh
behind that smile, what’s there?
I look at your inviting lips
soft and warm, I’m scared to kiss

Do you want some love?
Do you want me?
Am I good enough?
Or to soft to shy to get your love

I love to hear the rhythm of your words
when you gently talk and flirt
It’s such a pretty sound to my ears
but can it overcome my fears


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I Love You More – 7th song of the album ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’ – Track review

I Love You More
The backing of the church organ always makes for a blissful melody accompanied by Lucassen’s impressive vocals riding the wave of musical notation. The female backing vocals supplement the leads almost as if it was an instrument in itself used as a means for a great sound. This soft rock music has a less persistent beat and more emphasis on lyrics and melody than hard rock conveys, which gives more focus on the most important constituents of the ballad.

Something magic in your eyes
and nothing nicer than your smile
You know how to enchant me
I do love your sense of style

Feeling your arms around me
is like coming home
Pulls me closer to you
no room to feel alone

Graceful are your elegant moves
Heart and soul you put in romance
Kissing you feels so fine
You amaze me, make me dance

Feeling your arms around me
is some magic to adore
Lifts me up to heaven
Day after day I love you more

I can’t imagine,
a life without you
Keep the faith in me,
I’ll stand right beside you

no room to feel alone

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