12 Original pop folk album songs on “The Night Turns to Morning Light”

  • Released: 18 May 2015
  • Format: Digital
  • Label: Martin Lucassen
  • Produced by: by JD Mercer at JAV Studios

12 Original pop folk album songs of singer-songwriter Martin Lucassen

“Martin Lucassen is a very talented artist whose style resonates with several captivating genres of music.
Lucassen’s LP with 12 album songs has hit the market and is available on multiple digital platforms. His music uses a lot of creative components that really color the compositions on this new album.
Some of which include excellent chord progressions and guitar picking patterns that heighten the versatility of their music. The album songs contains a mixture of upbeat pieces peppered with soft rock, folk, and his own authentic sound.
He has established an original sound that takes vintage concepts of earlier classic rock; fusing them into a new and improved modern sound.
In addition, the vocal harmonics really mesh well with this type of music and adds yet another impressive dynamic to his professional status as a musician.
I loved the analog warmth of the album; it brings out an older kind of sound where saturators were prevalent from tape distortion. You can tell that Lucassen puts in a lot of work, not only in the studio, but on an engineering aspect as well.
The instrumentals are very clear and the vocals really cut through their mixes, which is uncommon of independent artists today. Most indy artists just want to push any song out no matter what the quality; you have to respect an artist of musicians who put that much time and dedication into their songs. The panning, effects, reverbs, and delays create an exciting experience for the listener. I would recommend listening to it with headphones to take in the minute details that highly distinguish the character of the songs. The EQ and compression is done very professionally as well. I am really excited to see this musician blossom and it seems as though he has found his true north in the music industry.

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Great comments from firsttime listeners to the album songs.

1. Come To Me

“Really pretty song, keeps your attention”
“I loved the overall performance of this band. The band sounds awesome. I love the vocal and instrumental performance.”
“A very lovely song. Really flowing song with great contemplation in the lyrics. Strong chorus and singing from the backup singers. A reveal of the personal being of the singer, they are pouring their heart out.”
“The band has a very mellow sound, which is easy to listen to. There arent a lot of hooks, so the song is more of a story than just some pop song that you here so often on the radio today. The backup vocals add a nice contrast to the lead singers voice.”
“I liked the retro feeling of this song. It would appeal to fans of classic rock as well as fans of contemporary music.”
“A solid song. All the pieces come together well. Guitar, drums, piano. Singer sounds good.”
“That was really good. I really like the songwriting, the singer and the melody here.”
“I like the overall smoothness of this song. The lead vocalists voice is very easy to listen to, and I enjoy the harmonies onthe chorus. I like the combination of instruments also, and generally find this song a very easy listen. Ill be looking up more by this artist.”

2. Love You From Scratch

“Love the tambourine in the background of the song as well as the strumming beat from the guitar. Lyrics also really work well with the song.” “Very appealing up-beat love song. The lyrics were simple yet conveyed the message effectively. I could picture this songbeing performed on a series like Nashville, or a Western Romance film.”
“Its a great song title and the song itself is very catchy. This would work well as soundtrack music to a teen movie.”
“Song has a nice catchy beat.”
“Really like Martin….nice vocals, beat and instrumental performance. Cant wait to hear more from him.”
“good beat! I like them doing upbeat stuff, the lyrics are ok, good vocals as always, tambourine in the background kinda got annoying.”
“Good melody flows really nicely. The vocals are great”
12 album songs

3. Love Me Right Now

“Very upbeat song, kind of nostalgic, I like it, thanks.”
“Nice strong vocals, enjoyed the harmonica. I have liked everything I have heard from this artist. ”
“I like the overall sound; nice harmonies, good catchy melody. Main vocalist has an interesting distinctive voice.”
“The lyrics were meant for this voice. Very good”
“Very upbeat and happy”
“At first it was a bit Beatles-y…and then, harmonica! An interesting choice and fun surprise – it lent a bluesy,
sophisticated touch to the song (ditto the guitar riffs). I like the straightforwardness of the lyrics, and the fact its about love + kisses versus the grinding and etc. thats in a lot of todays pop – and no, Im not a prude! The music sounded great -surprising yet nicely layered, nice sound quality. I could imagine this song behind a TV/movie scene depicting giddy new
“Love the song. Vocals, beat, instrumental performance awesome. Good Job Martin!”
“The beat to the song is catchy. I like the added harmonica. The vocals are pretty good and fit well with the song.”
“This is very different and I really like it.”
“I enjoyed Love Me Right Now by Martin Lucassen very much song. It is a very light hearted, enjoyable song. The lyrics are catchy and welcoming to all ages. It is definitely something that I can picture myself singing along if it were to come on the radio. The instrumental aspect makes it upbeat and perfect for a romantic comedy.”

4. Break The Glass

“This track is one that makes me stare out into the openness of my surrounding and think about past experiences and memories.”
“I can relate to the content of the lyrics very well. The music is decent enough and the vocals are nice. Overall, it has a
nice message and good sound. ”
“I like it. It has a kind of Oasis late 90s vibe to it. Almost sound too much like Oasis…almost.”
“I like the style and lyrics”
“This is a great song and i especially loved the harmonizing on the chorus. Everything about this song is spot on. The vocals, instrumentals, lyrics and quality. I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed the song.”

5. Heart On Fire

“This song has a good upbeat pop rock sound. The melody is very unique. I think this song sounds a million times better than
the trash on the current American pop music charts. This song has great lyrics and makes me think of smart ideas. The melody
has a classic pop sound. It seems like one of the greatest songs ever written. This song could easily replace any jive song on the current pop chart.”
“Very enjoyable. Catchy tune”
“What a lovely, clear voice! I could understand every word! Very pleasant to listen to!”
“Strong vocals by both the singer and the backup singers. Great toning to the guitar in the solo.”
“I liked the vocals, really soft and calming! I think this song cannot be defined to just one genre, but the singing as well as beat reminds me somewhat of folk more than anything.”
“This song is full of energy that takes you through the whole trip. He doesnt have the best vocals, but they work for the energy of this song. The chorus is very catchy and the instrumentation really leads the song. The guitars are high energy and the drums are a great tempo. I think this song would be commercially successful in its niche.”
“Lovely, upbeat song. The vocals are pleasant and the tune is very catchy.”
“Very fun and smooth. Perfect for TV.”
“This had a great 1960s feel to it, but it was at the same time a modern song. Reminded me a little of something The BeautifulSouth might have done.”
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6. What You Mean To Me

“I liked this song. The simplicity of the guitar riff and drum beat allows the listener to zero in on the vocals. Lyrics are quite clear to understand, and vocals are raw. The song has a rather dreamlike quality that puts you into a hypnotically contemplative state. ”
“Very good song and great songwriting. Talented musicians and reminds me a little bit of Paul McCartneys latest stuff. Great chord progressions, very much like Pink Floyd in their progression.”
“Really enjoyed the vocalist on this track, reminds me of the lead singer of Ceili Rain. Nice simple track, enjoyed the guitar and the vocals ”
“I really liked the music, it sounded very upbeat and had a nice tempo to it. I think the way the guy sang really complimented the music nicely. Most newer musicians dont seem to do this very well and sound off when compared to the tempo of the song and I like that this is not the case in this song.”
“Its another catchy one. I can see it more for like a comedy-romance type movie.”
“Like the vocals of this guy, heard him a few times. Simple song and lyrics catchy, has a little bit more a blue grass vibe than I remember but his voice works with it. Enjoyed the song. ”
“Nice instruments playing. I like the artists voice. Nice background music.”
“Keith Urban has a similar sound. I wouldnt place this in the Country genre. It is more soft rock or pop sound. The
instrumentals were fun. The ghost sounds of the ooos were interesting and gave the tune a very unique character. ”
“Very nice song. Like it. Catchy lyrics. ”

7. I Love You More

“I enjoyed the romantic nature of this song. The music seemed to be right in tune with the beats. Very nice. ”
“Enjoyed this very much. Great music performed very well.”
“It was a bit mind numbing to listen to. I mean this in the most positive way though. I guess I zoned out and got lost in the song, before I knew it, it was over. Interesting song. Thank you.”
“I can imagine listening to it during a road trip or on the radio. Very catchy tune, and decent arrangement and vocal
“Really like the song and Martin….cant wait to hear more! ”

8. Do You Want Some Love

“love the mellow Beatles vibe. Very nice and relaxing.”
“I really enjoyed this song, it might not have been for most people but i love all music and im definitely going to add this song to my playlist and listen to other songs by this artist!”
“Awesome mellow jam.”
“i liked the intensity of this and i felt like you progressed the emotions really nicely. the way the horns wrapped around your vocals were really lovely. you had some nice pop tactics that made this easy to listen to. soft drums backed you up nicely.”

9. Happy Travelers

“Catchy chorus.”
“nice, happy song, I like it. Still think these guys sound a bit like Oasis from time-to-time, good instrumentals and vocals.”
“This was really nice. Very catchy. I would enjoy hearing more like this. I like that the lead vocalist has a rather unique sound.”
“This is a great song with a good beat. Couldnt help but tap my foot.”
“I think the song would do well in a traveling montage. The lyrics were pretty simple but relevant to the title, so it could be used pretty easily in that respect. As far as folk music goes, I generally like more upbeat tracks with a more active beat; this track was a little too laid back for my tastes. I dont know many people who like Folk music, which is the only reason I generally wouldnt recommend it, but all in all it was an enjoyable song.”
“Really liked the lively instrumental performance and beat of the song. Production quality is top notch, sounds great!”
“good vocals, nice, relaxing song”

10. How Will It Be

“I felt the song was well written and I connected emotionally with the lyrics. Very relaxing and hypnotizing. Even though it seems like a folk/indie song I could see it fitting in the sci-fi or fantasy tv/movie genres. The vocals have a subtle eeriness that adds a whole another dimension to the song.”
“This is a very good pop song that is enjoyable in its own right but would also be excellent as a soundtrack item in a TV show or movie.”
“Sounds like a very good some for chilling on a summer day. Love the instruments in the background and how they play with the lyrics.”
“Nice and mellow song. I like it.”
“This song does a great job in combining the beat from the drum and the mans voice.”

11. These Are The Times

“Nice voice, and I like the lyrics. I also enjoyed the instrumentals in between the sung portion. ”
“Nice lyrics. Singer decent. I enjoyed the overall, happy feel.”
“This is a happy and uplifting song. It could be played at the end of a movie.”
“Love the beat and the instruments playing. Cool lyrics and a good sounding voice.”
“Really liked the song….sounds like theme song to a tv show! Nice vocals and instrumentals.”
“Enjoy the vocal track a lot. Nice fun simple song. ”

12. Beauty All Around

“I like its flow. Very mellow and calming for what it is. Instead of tear jerking heart break.”
“A very mellow and relaxing song. The lyrics make sense, great instrumentals. I almost feel sad and happy at the same time.”
“This song has a cowboy feeling and brings back memories when I was in highschool.”
“I really enjoyed this song. The musicality reminds me of summer love and sandy beaches. I enjoyed the indie feel with the acoustic elements. ”
“I really like the vocal performance. Instrumental performance is very good. Production quality is excellent.”
“The rhythm and tone of this song was very enlightening.”
“Love the tone of the voice. Very calming to me.”
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