11 new songs with well written lyrics on “Nobody Talks About It”

  • Released: 9 December 2016
  • Format: Digital
  • Label: Martin Lucassen
  • Produced by: song1-9 by JD Mercer at JAV Studios and Martin Lucassen; Song 11 and 12 by Co-Writer and Martin Lucassen

11 Original new songs on Martin Lucassen’s 2nd album “Nobody Talks About It”

“I had the privilege of reviewing Lucassen’s debut album (The Night Turns to Morning Light) and his newest LP “Nobody Talks About It” with 11 new songs has raised the bar in terms of music innovativeness and overall emotive response. The sophomore album syndrome is difficult to overcome for most artists as they fall back into a comfort zone and music snobs on blogs will deem anything novel to be a retraction of the musician’s original purpose. There is a sense of optimism on this album that is peppered on the tracks with a cheerfulness that expounds upon endearing qualities. The artwork is worth mentioning with each track having a vibrant picture representing each song’s impassioned virtues. Lucassen sticks to his faculties on this album while inherently doubling-down on his skill sets with more dynamic musical execution and assortments that please the audience’s ears. The rhythmic guitar sections are embedded throughout the album creating subtleties that contrast the arpeggiated patterns of pristine musicianship. The reverberated sound was consistent on this album establishing a luxurious presence on the tracks adding multitudes of depth and transparency. Lucassen wears many hats on this album with multifaceted piano play, exceptional singing capabilities and overall songwriting mastery. The infusion of pop, rock and folk into a trifecta of pioneering sound was inherent on this LP and Lucassen fans will not be disappointed. Everybody is going to be talking about this album once the wind catches fire on this impeccable signature sound that Lucassen encapsulates brilliantly. – CarsonClee


What some people said in a pre listen to the songs of the album

1. Falling to the Ground

“It’s a rollicking good time reminiscent of, perhaps, Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians.”
“I like the vocals and the classic pop song vibe of the song.”
“I liked the way the singer sang the song, the lyrics were meaningful which boosted the quality of the song. The tempo was nice”
“It remind me of 80’s disco music. I like the melody of the music”
“It sounds like Beatles. I really liked this song!”

2. Believed

“I really like this song. The insturmental performace is great and the lyrics are well written with the vocal performance very well matched witht the rest of the song. I would most likely listen to this song again. ”
“It sounds very indie and almost country. I like the vocals and the lyrics are nice. I could see this being used in a tv show.”
“It’s a good all around song. This artist’s voice really just draws you in, and the tasteful electric fills in the background keep one’s interest.
“I really like the beat of this song. The lyrics are interesting, and the vocalist has a great sound. It has a Country sound, but not so much that fans of other music styles would be put off by it.”
“Got my attention immediately. Catchy melody. I like the piano. Thoughtful lyrics.”
“Very mellow song, I really liked this song, the lyrics are really good and relaxing. great song!”

3. I Want You to Stay

“Sounds really smooth and creative with a very solid intro.”
“Has a bit of country western feel to it. Like the singers voice.”
“Good melody and song.”

4. Hawkesbury Radio

“The vocal performance reminds me a ton of the Beatles and retro late 60s musicians. The music is also super pleasant. I’ve listened to the song twice. I really hope I get to hear it again. You know how sometimes independent artists have kind of a reverby, echo-y sound quality from low quality of production? This is still echoy but not in a way that cheapens it any.”
“I really enjoy the guitar in the song the most. The guitar and the voice goes so well and it makes you feel happy. The song also makes me feel like I’m supposed to think about something I used to enjoy, back in a time where I’d do it all the time as the artist and his friends listened to Hawkesbury. I never listened to much radio as a child but I can understand his feelings.”
“I really like the guitar’s arpeggio throughout all the song. I loved that the song changed and increased intensity. I like it a lot.”
“I like the sound of it. It has a good beat. Makes me feel happy listening to it.”
“This singer is very reminiscent of Al Stewart. I really enjoyed the instrumentation and rhythm of this song.”
“I find the song very unique actually, the tone is very nice and pleasant.”
“Nice song. I could see this being in a movie for a soundtrack honestly.”
“Thank you Martin Lucassen, youi make me feel happy”

5. Beautiful Thing

“This love song has compositional elements that are fascinating it feels authentic”
“This was a really good song, I enjoyed it! I really liked the vocal. The song was well structured and I really enjoyed listening to every minute of it”

6. A Dark Rainy Sunday

“I like the singers voice and the guitar parts in the song. The drumming could be a little more complex, but not overshadow the song. Good song!
“The bass line to this song is really something great”
“I really liked the calm beat and I felt like the song was balanced and had great vocals. Really enjoyed the song”

7. Magic Home

“I really liked the calm beat and I felt like the song was balanced and had great vocals. Really enjoyed the song”
“Not only is the excellent instrumentation notable, but the song also houses some of Lucassen’s most surreal, poetic lyricism.”
“I love the guitar and beat here – it creates a real atmosphere. Great driving song.”
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8. Optimistic

“Once again, I really enjoy Martin’s choice of instruments. His guitar playing puts me in the most relaxed mood. I really enjoy the theme of this song, I believe we’ve all run into a person that has felt down about themselves or they were afraid of getting into a relationship because of past experiences. I’d slot this in the soft rock genre. In my opinion, you sound a bit like the vocalist from the Arctic Monkeys.”
“I may be biased but I love the message. I generally try to be an optimistic individual. It makes me smile. It sounds like something I would put on when I need my mood to uplifted.”
“I liked the harmony, and the slide guitar. Very nice guitar licks. Pretty melancholic, but in a good way. I liked the backing vocals too!”
“I really like this track! love the melody and the guitars, background vocal are nice, overall great job”
“The singer sounds great and reminds me of Kenny Chesney. Sounds like music of now and the past 5 years.”
“Very pleasant song. i love the instrumentation. i find your tone very unique.”

9. Forget Time

“Vocals sound great! Like Colin Meloy of The Decemberists.”
“Song structure and artist voice are excellent. Very pleasant to hear.”
“Excellent composition. the singer’s vocal quality is very good.”
“Its very nice and makes me feel good”

10. Welcome to My World

“Piano works well with the guitar to bring the song to life. Lyrics are great, could see listening to this with someone special. I’d slot this in soft rock and once again I say that you sound like the vocalist of the Arctic Monkeys. Could definitely see this being in a romantic movie.”
“I liked how well all different parts of this song worked together. The instrumentals were balanced with the vocals for an enjoyable listen.”
“I liked the music, It sounds like Pop music to me. Over all I really enjoyed listening to the song.”
“I like the beat and the voice of the singer. It sounds like a song from this generation.”
“A good beat of the song and I love the person singing. It fits the music now a days”
“The instrumentation is great, the lyrics are good and the artist has a great tone.”

11.New Years Eve

“I thought the sound quality of the singers voice was really nice. The band played their instruments well and the mix is pretty good. Tonally, it’s all very nice. ”
“I like how the song connects you to the singer and you empathize with him, but also contemplate your own life. Good stuff. I also like the little Happy New Year thrown in at the end. Little off beat unexpected things added to songs like that I find interesting, less formulaic. ”
“I like the lyrics and the calm, mellow singing.”

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