The story behind a creative singer songwriter who wants to create good albums

I’m a recording singer-songwriter from the Netherlands.
Like most artists, the beginning of my music career wasn’t an easy one. With a passion for music, I picked up my guitar again in September of 2014 and struggled through a song process. I realised that I needed to change the process of creating and mastering songs if I wanted to produce professional songs lyrically and musically. Only in that way I could make my dream come true of making good albums.
So I made the decision to improve my skills in writing lyrics, melody and singing. I decided to seek out the assistance of an American production company. Once I found a company I could trust, I sent in a demo of one of my original songs entitled, “Come to Me”.

After making a few changes and additions, the company produced the backingmusic. For mixing and mastering my voice with the music I made use of the services of an English company. The final finishing touches of the song were made by myself, by adding the background vocals to the mix.

The end results shocked me. I couldn’t believe that in just a few months, I had completed my first professional song and was receiving great feedback.
In this way 17 songs were recorded and I come a little closer to my dream of creating good albums.

Debut album

People say that my vocals are reminiscent of the British Invasion bands of the 60’s such as the Beatles and the Who. I take that as a huge compliment.
The combination of old school vocals with the modern day adult contemporary pop/rock tunes makes me stand out among other artists today. With great pride in my many achievements in only 8 short months, I released a full length album 18 May 2015 with 12 well crafted songs named ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’.

A reviewer said this:
“The Album ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’ is a well written pop/rock album that shows Martin Lucassen has a real knack for coming up with consistently catchy and enjoyable songs. His voice is easy on the ear and the overall production quality is certainly good enough for radio. There are a number of potential singles on the album and his accessible sound will appeal to a wide range of people.”
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Second album

On 9 December 2016 I released my second album ‘Nobody Talks About it’ with 11 songs. This time I did also put a lot of time in mixing the songs by myself. It was sometimes a big struggle, but in the end it’s something I learned to manage. I think the album song’s have a better sound and have in general stronger lyrics.

Some commands of reviews:
“Unique & energising songwriting. Some real moments of bliss, some real gems that deserve to be heard by all. Well worth a listen. ”
“Martin Lucassen’s “Nobody Talks About It” is a brilliant beautiful album with a lovely 60s psychedelic pop sheen to it.
Elements of pop, folk, classical, even a hint of Americana. Martin Lucassen creates a comforting, dreamy swirl of sound on the hopeful “Nobody Talks About It”.”
“Structurally, each track has a roaming, organic, even effortless feel, bringing light and pleasant rolling sounds to all the silent spaces. The production is done well, capturing the personal feel of Lucassen’s work and holding firm to the charming independent feel.”

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Remix of debut album

28 April 2017 I released a remix of ‘The Night Turns To Morning Light’. It’s revamped, remixed, and the result is a re-creation of a new sound all done by myself.

Some commands of reviewers:
“It’s sometimes hard to describe music that doesn’t fit the traditional genres but “Heavenly Alt-Folk” might just work for this fantastic album. Do yourself a favour and get a copy today.!”
“Smart, Beatle-esque, indie guitar pop done exceedingly well”
“The strength of each song on his album The Night Turns To Morning Light comes through in his storytelling, his use of melody, and his beautifully smooth leading voice.
There’s something of an organic indie aura to the music throughout this remix project. The music contains a strong presence of rhythm guitar, occasionally taking inspiration from reggae or ska, but most prominently holding close to that indie-rock energy that just oozes present tense ”

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5 November 2017 I released ‘Beauty All Around Me’

Lucassen’s dreams

Besides creating good albums a dream of mine is to have a song placed in a film or tv serie.