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the night turns to morning (remix) – review by Andy McCann, Successful songwriter with several credits on albums that have sold hundreds of thousands of units

Review by Andy McCann, a performing, recording and touring musician for the past 14 years. Successful songwriter with several credits on albums that have sold hundreds of thousands of units as well as a paid creative writer who focused on music reviews, ! Song Production.

I’m sitting here in my music studio and the sunshine is streaming through the window and gently warming my arms. It’s been a long, cold winter but the blue sky above and the sunshine dancing on my desk brings hope. Summertime. Life. Love. Friends. It feels like the perfect day to turn on “The Night Turns To Morning (Remix)” – the latest offering from the Netherlands based artist Martin Lucassen.
You may not be familiar with the name but it’s time you picked up a copy, put it in your car stereo and leave it in all summer.! This 12 track album is a remix of Martin’s debut album that was released in 2015 and, as a music producer myself, it’s hard to believe that this guy only began writing and producing songs less than 3 years ago!!
“Beauty All Around” kicks the album off strongly and launches us into images of tulips, sunshine and windmills. The smooth vocals linger over the sweet electric guitar before drums, bass and ukelele break into some summer time beats that bring memories of Coldplay into my mind. It’s hard to keep the smile off my face with this one.!

“These Are The Times” comes up next with a rockier feel and a catchy sing-along chorus “These are the times so get going”. Martins unique voice really captures your attention and works perfectly with the soaring electric guitar parts that wouldn’t be out of place on a top country song.!

“Heart on Fire”, “Do You Want Some Love?” and “Come To Me” all showcase the strong song-writing ability that Martin possesses as well as his fantastic arrangement skills. Well crafted lyrics mixed with great musical creativity really make this album feel fresh yet also strangely familiar – it won’t take too many listens before you are singing along with all the words!!

The album gets a nice acoustic break with “Happy Travellers” that would work perfectly around those campfires on the longer summer nights.!

One song that really hit home for me was “I Love You More”. It shows how such an honest, simple song only needs simple instrumentation to really capture a person and grab them by the heart.!

If I had to pick a top track from this album it would be a hard choice. “How Will It Be?” sounds like a top track that wouldn’t sound out of place on John Mayer’s next album. Or how about “Love Me Right Now”? It sounds like a cowrite with the great Ryan Adams and includes some awesome harmonica playing. If I really had to choose….it would be “Love You From Scratch”. This track sounds like a radio hit right from the start – great arrangement, top musicians and a great mix that will keep your head bouncing as your drive down the highway.!

It’s sometimes hard to describe music that doesn’t fit the traditional genres but “Heavenly Alt-Folk” might just work for this fantastic album. Do yourself a favour and get a copy today.!

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