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Nobody Talks About It – reviewed by a professional music producer/ engineer and A&R for several indie and major labels

It’s the big things and sometimes the little things that make a great artist stand out, it’s the passion, it’s the artistry, and most importantly it’s the heart. Martin Lucassen’s newest project entitled, “Nobody Talks About It,” is creativity personified.

The project opens with a piano driven, exuberant tune entitled “Falling to the Ground;” that is not only lively but it’s reminiscent of the classic sound, Simple Minds gave us in the 80’s. But don’t let that detour you the song is just as contemporary as it is classic. Martin’s voice coupled with the instrumentation on this track is just the beginning of his beautiful adaptation of creative sound.

“Believed” is one of my favorite of three tracks on the project, the song just “feels good;” from the second it comes on Martin’s voice proves he is creating his own path, leaving melodic footprints along the way.

“I Want You To Stay,” is a somber story we can all relate to, the lyrics are heartfelt, the pain is obvious, but it’s the sound of Martin’s melancholy vocals that really capture the listener.

While, “Hawkesbury Radio” is such a clever gimmick, Martin’s voice coupled with some great mixing, a little echo, reverb, and awesome dynamic processing give this tune such a different sound. It feels like retro radio, the guitar chords are rapid, broken chord strums versus simultaneous strumming, and he sounds collectively passionate.

What makes this project worth a listen aside from Martin’s obvious talent is the way he moved beyond creating just singles and looked more into formatting a great album. “Beautiful Thing” is an example of his innovation. Its two minutes and fifty three seconds of intoxicatingly melodic patterns, chords, and traditional tempos that draw the listener in and charm your musical ear into musical submission. “

“A Dark Rainy Sunday” reminds you its okay to be human, “Don’t feel like loser, you’re human too;” great advice over the bass driven original piece.

While “Magic Home” has such a smooth flow and nostalgic feel, that it seems to seamlessly pull you into a story line, there’s a slight stream of consciousness in the lyrical delivery provided by Martin which only enhances the classic sound.

Another one of my favorites on the project is, “Optimistic” not only is the message of the song beautiful, but the harmonies are gorgeous, the production is lush and the retro vibe on this one is palpable.

“Forget Time” is a finely calibrated interpretation of artistic ability, great vocal range, and perfect timing, a really solid track.

One of the most creatively written and performed tracks on the album is “Welcome To My World,” the song incorporates elements of classical, pop, and even a slight hint of rhythm and blues while remaining rooted deeply in originality.  Martin’s voice doesn’t disappoint, the background vocal are subtle but a really nice addition over the roaring drum pattern.

“New Years Eve” is the final stand out track that not only ends the project in a masterful manner, but cleverly pushes the listener to re-evaluate and assess their own New Year while simultaneously   drawing you into his world. It’s a perceptive, sensitive, way to commensurate the finale of the album.

Overall this is a solid project, perhaps it’s the excruciating honesty in his poetically drenched lyrics, or the reminder that real music still exists whenever his voice delves in a pop, rock or folk influenced piece, whatever it is, it awakens some of the same truths inside anyone who is listening and reminds us; “Real music still exists.”


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