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Loved loved loved this album! Your new fan, Jess

Loved loved loved this album! Your new fan, Jess ~ Her reaction of her review of the album “Nobody Talks About It”, which contains 11 original new English songs.

“Nobody Talks About It”

is Martin Lucassen’s second singer-songwriter album (released on 9 December 2016) leans heavily toward pop stylings and contains 11 well written songs. Besides pop there are hints to Americana and Folk.

Highlights of Jess’s review:

  • Martin brings sweet singing and riveting lyrics with taut instrumentation.
  • He takes deep vocal stabs through his emotional truth, which is matched by a level of musicianship; in its melodic company of great illustrative backdrops
  • Undoubtedly he is navigating the music in beautiful unpredictable ways.
  • The overall sound is an untamed beauty, just as the nature of the music intended.
  • Each track brings a new element of surprise.
  • There are some lighter songs throughout but there is a striking atmosphere in this album.
  •  This record unlocks the mystery of emotions that are complemented by the lyrical context.

The entire review can be found here.

Listen to the Album ‘Nobody Talks About It’ on Spotify

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