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First shining review of the album ‘Nobody Talks About it’

The first review of ‘Nobody Talks About It’ by Beach Sloth.

Here are some quotes:
“With a lovely 60s psychedelic pop sheen to it, Martin Lucassen’s “Nobody Talks About It” is a brilliant beautiful album.”
“Opening up on a tender note is the beautiful driving rhythms of “Falling To The Ground”.
“A fragile celebratory folk emerges out of the passionate “Hawkesbury Radio”
“The highlight of the album is the cinematic approach of “Beautiful Thing”. Recalling the best of the Beatles the song possesses a timeless classic feel to it.”
“Summery in scope is the glistening airy atmosphere of “Optimistic”.”
“Bringing the album to a lush conclusion is the spacious sound of “New Years Eve”. With this piece Martin Lucassen sing straight from the heart revealing a true knack for storytelling.”
 “Martin Lucassen creates a comforting, dreamy swirl of sound on the hopeful “Nobody Talks About It”.”

The full review can be found here.

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