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“Nobody Talks About it” – a great collection of songs to discover and enjoy completely!

This is the conclusion of laserlife a reviewer of the album “Nobody Talks About It” at Highlights of the review “Nobody Talks About it”: I am glad to see Martin returning to the music scene with a direct, energetic and accomplished second album “Falling To The Ground”, a truly epic song with some amazing stadium rock vibes. […]

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Video of the new song ‘Magic home’ is available now!

Hi, My new video of ‘Magic home’ from the album ‘Nobody Talks About It’ the is available on YouTube. Check it out! What people say about this track: “I really liked the calm beat and I felt like the song was balanced and had great vocals. Really enjoyed the song” “Not only is the excellent instrumentation […]

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Loved loved loved this album! Your new fan, Jess

Loved loved loved this album! Your new fan, Jess ~ Her reaction of her review of the album “Nobody Talks About It”, which contains 11 original new English songs. “Nobody Talks About It” is Martin Lucassen’s second singer-songwriter album (released on 9 December 2016) leans heavily toward pop stylings and contains 11 well written songs. Besides […]

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Happy New Year! And a good New Year’s Eve!

Hi, All the best wishes for the year 2017!  That you’re dreams may come true! Here’s my New Year’s Eve Song! Just released! A happy new year, Martin

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Best Christmas songs – my favourite merry Christmas song

Merry Christmas song When I think about thè merry Christmas song then first song that comes to my mind is “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’  from John Lennon. It describes exactly the Christmas spirit that I feel!  Peace, help each other, be kind, loving one another, etc. The music and the message makes this my […]

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To create great songs, not only a good melody and good lyrics are important. To have the right sound also requires the hiring of professional musicians to record the backingtrack and backingvocals. To finish a song with great quality the mix and master needs to be done brilliantly.

To keep making the best songs my way, I could real use your support! Every contribution will be used for this purpose only.

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